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As the spouse of a severely disabled veteran, Robin Alford has become a prominent figure within the veteran community over the years. While she is first and foremost a loving wife, mother and grandmother, she devotes the rest of her time to supporting all who have worn the uniform and their families. In addition, to being a veterans’ advocate, she is also an accomplished author, breast cancer survivor as well as breast cancer advocate.

Watching her husband go through the trials and tribulations of his illness, hospital stays, paralysis, etc., as well as the denial letters from the VA, she knew she had to get involved in the plight of disabled veterans.  Being a  Bail Bondsman in her professional career, she has become quite accustomed to thinking outside the box, coming up with different strategies in order to achieve different objectives, additionally, a very strong background in researching the  different laws and statutes. 


After watching her husband struggle with the VA system over the years, realizing how imperative it was for him to receive his benefits, she found herself getting involved with his case. Shortly after that, he became very successful with his claims, as exampled by his 100 percent and 70 percent disability rating decision.

With her skills in researching laws as well as filing motions, etc., coupled with a very strong love for her husband has made her truly committed to helping  other veterans not have to go through what he did. She then took her knowledge and understanding of the VA system and began to realize that her husband was anything but alone when it came to having difficulties with getting his benefits.


Over the years, many of the veterans she has helped began to express to her that writing a book would be a great way to help many other distressed veterans with teaching what is available to them and how to achieve success with their claims as well.  Robin and her husband wrote the “Expert’s Guide To Veterans Benefits”, and have worked tirelessly together helping tens of thousands of veterans and their families in receiving their benefits, as well as all aspects of veteran needs.

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Shortly after graduating high school in 1990, Alan Alford enlisted into the United States Navy. After serving for close to 2 years aboard the USS Independence CV-62, working in the post office and on the flight deck, he became paralyzed from the neck down from a rare neuromuscular disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome which was caused by drinking tainted water aboard the ship.


After a 2-year hospitalization doing physical therapy daily to regain his mobility, he was medically retired from the service. Upon retiring, he moved back to Central Florida and enrolled into Valencia College working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and began working with other veterans in the community in his spare time, while simultaneously working in the resort industry.


In August of 1998, Alan became paralyzed a second time after relapsing from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This time he had numerous complications including gangrene, fistulas, and approximately thirty surgeries, as well. Throughout this period of his life he had numerous struggles with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Social Security to receive the benefits and treatment that he desperately needed for his medical conditions. Which is when his sole focus in life became to assist his fellow veterans to receive the benefits they have rightfully earned.

Since 1994, Alan has become a leader within the veteran community. He has assisted tens of thousands of veterans, service members and their families to receive their benefits. He regularly lectures at numerous colleges, Pow Wow’s, health fairs, homeless shelters for veterans, and numerous gatherings where veterans will be meeting that are needing assistance with their benefits issues.


Additionally, he co-authored “The Expert’s Guide to Veterans Benefits”, and has worked tirelessly to assist with numerous pieces of legislation that have protected the sacred rights for all that have served our great nation.

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